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Life coaching in Dayton and Cincinnati

"I love your sadness. I love your anger - I love your fear.

I love your past. I love every choice and every decision that you've made.


I love ALL that you are....especially the parts that you, yourself have deemed to be unlovable.


Gather up the parts of you, my sweet friends, that you believe are broken.

Gather up the parts of you that you've been told in some way shouldn't exist....or in the absence of which you would be better in some way.


Gather up every single part of you that you have been told that you need to fix, heal, and change.


Gather up all that you are and celebrate it ALL for the sweet blessing and miracle that IT IS...right now.


May you come to see yourself as the Divine sees you - whole and complete. Sacred. A blessing upon this earth.


I love you all with all that I am. And I thank you with all that I am, for loving me.

May the blessings that have been shared here today go home with you to your families, your friends, your coworkers, and may everyone who's life you touch - remember their true nature and their true identity. That they are, in turn, a Divine being with a Divine, infinite potential.


And so it is."


Blessing from Panache Desai

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