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We all want the same thing. To remember who we really are. To be seen, valued, known and inspired to be our highest potential in this world. To express as the divine while journeying through this human experience. To have and embody well-being in every area. To find and attain balance and forward moving momentum that carries us towards being our best selves. We long for inspiration, courage, to live authentically, and to find and create fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others.


I am committed to inhabiting a space where we can be real, share our fears, stories, insights, ideas, "AHAs", passion and love. A place where I can challenge - yet attract other passionate fellow travelers who want loving solutions to everyday challenges. 


I do not claim to be a guru or an expert, but I am an incredible listener, lover, truth teller, cheerleader and coach. I will support you in tapping into your own God given wisdom to find solutions that align with where you are on your unique sacred life journey.


I have a passion for people, growth, self-awareness, knowing God as you understand God, healthy relationships, conflict resolution and repair, shame resilience, grief, faith, parenting, escaping domestic violence, seeing ourselves as we truly are and anything that can inspire feeling our way into waking up and remembering who we are. I am passionate about love.


Lynn Ellis

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